Our Process

This meeting usually takes place in person a few weeks before the “Pre-Interview”. During this meeting, we will help you organize your life chronologically into different “chapters” (i.e. childhood, adolescence, dating and marriage, adulthood, retirement). This outline will primarily be determined by which life events have impacted you the most and helped shape who you are today. This will help you to decide how long you would like your interview. Based on this information and your budget, we will finalize a written agreement. Together, we will draft a list of documents, letters, pictures, home movies, and memorabilia that you would like to include. Finally, we will schedule a date to conduct the Pre-Interview and Production Day.


Initial Meeting (1-2 Hours)

Your day is finally here! When we arrive, please anticipate about an hour for us to set up cameras, lighting, and audio. This setup time will ensure everything is just right before we turn on the cameras. Then it’s your time to shine! After the formal interview, we will shoot any additional footage that helps us complete your story.


Production Day (3+ hours)

This meeting usually takes place in person a few days before Production Day. This time together ensures you feel comfortable the day of the interview and helps us organize your story. We will arrive with one camera, a microphone, and a photo scanner. First, we will discuss the organization of your life story. Second, we will tour and film parts of your home. This additional footage will bring your story to life! Lastly,  we will carefully scan up to 100 photos, letters, or documents related to your story. Your organization prior to our arrival will save us time.


Pre-Interview (2-3 hours)

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