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A few years ago my grandma developed dementia. Her memory didn't fade all at once, but I soon realized that my time with her was fading. I panicked. Every time I drove her home after Sunday dinner I pulled out my phone and began recording voice memos of our conversations. My questions weren't planned and I will admit I even asked her "So Grandma, how was giving birth?" In reply, I got was a double scowl---one from grandma and one from Kaylen. The concept for the second part of our business, digitizing, came when I found a box of 8mm family movies in my parent's basement. I took them to Costco and paid a lot of money to have them put on to DVDs but I wanted more control over my material. I wanted the digital file, so I thought, "I could do this!" and here we are!


My journey to Legacy Keepers began where most start--with a nudge from my mom. I was 17 years old and my mom saw in me a knack for technology, video, and editing, so she encouraged me to film and edit an interview with my grandpa. After high school, I pursued a degree in family history and genealogy from Brigham Young University where I quickly realized that my passion lay more with family history (the preservation of stories and living histories) than genealogy (pedigrees and documents).

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